To be the national reference in the management of agribusiness through the generation of products and services of different quality, with the maximum economic performance and social responsibility


Offer products and perform services within the agribusiness with different quality, providing economic profitability, improvement in quality of life and respecting the environment.e.


RESPECT to others;

WILL / DETERMINATION in the activities performed;

RESPONSABILITY in the actions committed;

COOPERATION among between different sectors;

ORGANIZATION environment and implementation of tasks;

HUMILTY constant and common sense always;

COMMITMENT is to have passion and pride of the work they do.


• Sustainable profitable performance;

• Constant Evolution through Innovation;

• Ethics, Humility and Transparency in Shares;

• Professionalism and Responsibilit;

• Safety, Health and Environmental Preservation.

Company politics

• Promote continuous improvement;

• Socio-Environmental Responsibility;

• Investing in training of employees;

• Posture ethics and transparency in actions.