It was in this area that the group started its activities in the 50’s, in which has been growing and getting better and better, and connecting tradition and modernity it has more profitability. The winter tillage is done with barley and wheat and also some areas destined to oat and in the summer soybeans and corn are predominated. High productivity is aimed. However the group seeks for rentability. So high productivity with high costs are not the goal but efficient rentability and quality. Investments are on machinery and implements that have better quality and efficiency, using less physical efforts but bigger intellectual efforts.

Silviculture started in the group in order to use the remaining areas where the cultivation of grains and pasture was not interesting. However since 2002 the group has been cultivating wood at the trading level in bigger areas, so it has an area of land cultivated with pines and eucalypti. This is an activity that has grown a lot over the last years.

Erva-mate is the product that is specially related to silviculture, for it is in the reforestation areas where the plantations of erva-mate are. It is a native and shadowed plant and it brings better quality to the product. The cultivation has been growing in partnership with wood to protect the soil in substitution of the trees.

The REINHOFER ENERGIA LTDA, is a new enterprise funded in 2008, and belongs to the Reinhofer group. The first unit of the power plant CGH. The enterprise believes in the energetic potential to contribute to the success of the group.